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About us

In 2012, the first branch of Treats and Beans has been opened in Abdoun, to be the first place in Amman redefining the concept of waffles and crepes from a breakfast side-dish, to a main dish that can be served or delivered any time of the day. After all the success Abdoun,s branch has reaped, it was very compelling to expand our services, and so we opened our Khalda branch in 2014. Treats and Beans is in fact a childhood dream of its three owners who have worked so hard to bring the dream into light. Establishing Treats and Beans was our passion. And when your business is your passion, it,s never done in a common way. It becomes a priority to which you give your full attention, making it flawless.

Why Treats and Beans

Patience and perseverance are key! Our aim was to establish a specialty waffle and crepe house. Although waffle and crepe lovers have been greatly growing, no one has really given the concept of these treats what it really deserves from dedication. It,s been underrated and overlooked, until Treats and Beans took the initiative of creating/ reshaping the long-neglected waffles and crepes industry. Crepes aren,t only about Maple Syrup. With Treats and Beans, a new era in the waffles and crepes industry will take over. It,s about time we introduce our Eccentric Curly Crepes, our Luscious Marshmallow Waffle, our Melted, Soothing, Delightful Fondue, our Master Crepe – «the Chocolate Mix», and our Tantalizing Fruit Waffle!

Our Values

Keys to Success
Talking about Treats and Beans, the first thing that comes to mind is quality and variety. We believe that the best way to represent our treats is to provide fancy products ditching the traditional way that formed the concept of waffles, crepes, and similar treats for so long.

Speaking of variety, we have started in baby steps. Yet, our products have become highly desirable to our customers which demanded continuous additions to our mouthwatering menu. Therefore, one of Treats and Beans features is that there,s a couple of new items on the menu every now and then.

Would a yummy treat taste make a perfect experience without coffee on the side? Nah! Treats and Beans is also a coffee lounge. We specialize in all kinds of espresso-based coffees. The aroma that is sent out of our coffee will leave you wanting more! Treats and Beans coffee will make you a sophisticated coffee connoisseur.

Taste is not only about food and beverage, is it? Ambiance is also a taste! And since we are the taste gurus, our two branches have different atmospheres. For homely and cozy ambiance lovers, our Abdoun branch is the perfect destination. And for those who are more into a lively, energetic atmosphere, our Khalda branch is surly the answer! You can come over and stay, pick-up your order to go, or simply call for delivery!

Customer Satisfaction
What puts us among the highest ranks in customer satisfaction? It,s that our work isn,t over just because we made the sale. Our job is to turn buyers into loyal customers and that isn,t achieved unless by putting them first. This is how we win life-long customers. We handle our customers with utmost care, offering them on every visit first-class service and unbeatable prices for an unforgettable taste.

Hospitality is our motto. Our staff will warmly greet you upon arrival, provide you with a fast service, and will thank you for allowing us to serve you and for choosing Treats and Beans. A great staff contributes to the success of a business. That,s why we are keen to working transparently with our staff to guarantee that they reflect a positive image of Treats and Beans. Our staff is well organized, working based on an operations manual set to meet the highest standards of professionalism and hospitality.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission
To provide appealing products and an attractive setting for customers to enjoy themselves by upholding staff rules, regulations, and policies that nurture a positive working environment. Moreover, to stay on the lookout for exciting new ideas and products to maintain our well-earned leading position in this industry, and to have our customers impressed at every visit and excited for the next!

Our Vision
To maintain our distinction in the waffles and crepes industry by consistently providing the best products, service, atmosphere, and prices, and to extend our existence by offering monitored franchising opportunities to make sure the original image and culture of Treats and Beans are preserved.

Catering & Private Events

We have provided our excellent catering services in many events like Souk Jara and school Bazars, offering a delicious taste second to none, and making those events extra special.